How does it work

The entire project was designed to be a community based / DAO style project where holders own everything. The current "core" wallet is 100% holder owned. Each valid NFT has equal rights to the rewards being sent and value of the wallet. Each generation or "mint" of NFTs will come from a new artist who is essentially creating and then donating a collection to the project where 100% of the proceeds are donated to the "core" wallet minus ONE NFT for the artist which is paid in a NFT from the collection at launch.
current core wallet address

How does the "core" wallet generate value?

  • accepts donations tokens and/or NFTs from supportive community members or projects
  • Minting a NEW collection from a new artist who donates to the project
  • earns interest by participating in Algorand governance
  • earns interest on DEFI projects like but not limited to,,,,
  • earn interest from LP's (providing liquidity / farming)
  • NFT Staking